UN frac sleeve + Open hole selective Segmented transformation technology of retrievable packer

Description of Technology : 

●  The retriveable packer can solve the problem of tool strings be setting in advance under the poor wellbore environment. Retrieval tool can be run into to catch the hanger and tool strings.

●  UN frac sleeve could running into the special-purpose adapter on-off tools, and the frac sleeve can be repeatedly closed or opened according to the construction design. Repeat operation to prolong production life of oil and gas well.

●  In the middle and later stage of production, the water content rises, and the on-off layer can be selected according to the result of the production test, so as to achieve the purpose of water plugging and oil increasing. Well completion under casing perforation has better layering effect and longer effective period.

The structure of tubing string: 

●  Run into tubing string + Running seal latch + Heel Packer + SOH Packer + UN frac sleeve+ Inflation sub +Float collar + Float shoe

●  Tubing strings + Tie back frac tubing strings + Tie back sealing insert

●  There is no ball seat inside the sliding sleeve, and it can cooperate with coil tubing to pull the tubing string to achieve the infinite range fracturing. After fracturing, pull out the operation tubing string can  restore full bore of wellbore.