Drainage gas production technology of isolation packer

Description of technology

●   Through the gas lift tool in the tubing, the flow channel is established between the tubing and the enclosed casing, so that the gas lift is extended to the middle of the production layer, and the production capacity of the gas well is restored and the production of the gas well is increased. The technology is referred to as "extending the gas lift technology inside the tubing".

●   The isolation type tool string run into the coiled tubing to realize the operation of the original well immovable tubing string. One trip the tubing string is run into the well, the setting and releasing of the packer can be realized. The upper isolation packer has its own anchoring function, and the lower self setting inspection channel ensures the packer setting operation.

●   It can be applied to the drainage and gas recovery of ultra deep, high temperature and sour gas wells, and is especially suitable for one-time permanent downhole packer completion tubing string.

The Structure of Tubing String:

1-SSV            2-Tubing            3-Unretrievable Packer            4-CT 5-Isolution Packer 

6-Self sealing Packer             7-Setting Ball                 8-Tubing Sieve               9-Mule Shoe