Segmented fracture technology of compound bridge plug

Description of technology:

●   The composite bridge plug is suitable for temporary interlayer sealing in shale gas and tight oil and gas wells, and the construction layers are plugging by bridge plugs and combined cluster perforation can be used to achieve no range fracturing layer by layer fracturing in the casing.

●   Composite bridge plugs can be setting by means of cable setting tools or hydraulic setting tools.

●   The structural design is compact, providing faster entry speed. The bridge plug made of composite material shortens drilling time and makes drilling easier. The unique design of the guide shoe can effectively prevent drilling air when multiple bridge plugs are used simultaneously.

The Structure of tubing string:

1-Magnetic locator          2-Perforating Gun          3-Cable Joint                 4-Bridge Plug Running tool 

5-Setting Sleeve              6-Bridge Plug                 7-Hyraulic Running tool