Segmented fracturing technology of hydraulic sand jet perforation in casing

Description of technology:

●  Hydraulic sand blasting perforation staged fracturing is an integral stimulation measure for perforation, fracturing and isolation, and is suitable for increasing production of oil and gas wells with various completion methods. The tubing is directly blasted and perforated, and the annulus pressure + tubing pressure extends the fracture. It does not need packers, and multiple perforations and fracturing are carried out by one trip tubing string.

●  The nozzle and sliding sleeve body has high corrosion resistance after the special treatment, and can form reverse circulation channel to ensure the safety of the construction when sand plugging during fracturing. Dropping ball construction layer by layer can be divided into 10 levels.

●  The two trip tubing strings have short construction period and low operation cost, which can quickly realize the production of oil and gas wells.

The structure of tubing string: 

1-Heel Packer              2-Activation Sub             3-Float Collar                    4-Float Shoe 

5-Safety Joint              6-Sandblasting Valve      7-One-way Valve              8-Tubing Sieve                9-Mlue Shoe