The Circulating Sleeve is a downhole flow control device mounted in tubing and casing. It’s easy to open or close. It can effectively control the flow between the tubing and the casing annulus by means of the internal sleeve is opened and closed by standard wireline shifting tools.


  • Working  reliably, structure simply and running quickly.

  • At the top of tool has a seal sleeve, a sliding  sleeve and at the bottom of tool has a circulating  bore.

  • Circulating bore can be closed without leaving any obstructions in the tubing once the shifting operation is completed.

  • The model “B” shifting tool is used to open(jarring down)or close(jarring up) circulating sleeve.

  • All premium threads are available.


SXD/SXU Sliding Sleeve

The Circulating Sleeve is a downhole flow control device mounted in tubing and casing......

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