The S1X Double-grip Packer is able to set with tension or compression that holds pressure from above or below the packer. Once setting, The downhole string can be left in tension, compression or neutral situation. A large internal bypass can reduce the packer swabbing effect during running and retrieving, and closing when the packer is set.     

When the packer is released, the bypass opens first to balance pressure before releasing  the upper and lower slips. The S1X packer also has an unique upper slip releasing system that reduces the force required to release the packer. These flexible features allow  the S1X packer can be used for production packer, bridge plug and stimulation packer.     

The S1X-HP packer is a high pressure version which based on S1X packer.      

The S1X-HP model can choose the slips in wicker body or in carbide insert.     

The S1X /S1X-HP mechanical setting packer can be expediently converted into a wireline setting WS1X/WS1X-HP packer by a suitable conversion kit. 


  • Internal bypass can reduce swabbing effect. 

  • Can hold differential pressure from upper and lower. 

  • Only need one-fourth turn right-hand rotation to set and release. 

  • String can be left in tension, compression or neutral position while packer in setting . 

  • If needed, can use alternative shear release method for emergency release . 

  • Aim at the bad environment, choose different packing element. 

  • Bypass valve is below the upper slip, so the debris is easy to wash from slips when the valve is opened.


S1X/S1X-HP Mechanical Setting Retrievable Packer

The S1X Double-grip Packer is able to set with tension or compression that holds pressure from above or below the packer. Once setting, The downhole string can be left in tension, compression or neutral situation. A large internal bypass can reduce the packer swabbing effect during running and retrieving, and closing when the packer is set......

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