The SR-3D packer is designed to be the upper hydraulic anchor and the lower slip with double-grip anchoring structure, which can be used for production, stimulation and testing applications. The balanced piston improves the stability of the tool under pressure. The upper hydraulic anchor is designed to control balance valve and ensure the bypass is closed when setting.     

The SR-3D packer is run in with the bypass valve in the open position to permit free circulation both through and around the packer. Application of set-down weight closes and seals the bypass valve, sets the slips, and packs off the packing elements. The formation below the packer, which is now completely isolated from the annulus above, is accessible only through the tubing string.     

It is easy to release the packer, raise the tubing string the full length of the packer.    

The SR-3DL is a large bore style which based on the SR-3D. 


  • Set securely in any hardness casing, including P-110 casing. 

  • Three pieces multiple hardness packing elements combined as a superior seal system. 

  • Hydraulic anchor with large internal flow path is located  at the bottom of  the bypass valve that can reduce swabbing effect and protect button slips. 

  • Surface control bypass and  pressure balance valve. 

  • Tubing pressure actuated ratchet lock to eliminate excessive set down weight. 



SR-3D/SR-3DL Mechanical Setting Retrievable Packer

The SR-3D packer is designed to be the upper hydraulic anchor and the lower slip with double-grip anchoring structure, which can be used for production, stimulation and testing applications......

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