The SA-2/SA-3 packer combines advantages of retrievable packer and the features of permanent packer .It provides for a broad range of applications, including production、water inject、zone isolation and work over remedial operation.

     The packer is set with right-hand rotation while slacking off tubing weight. Right-hand rotation with slight tension applied to release the packer.

     The SA-3 Packer is a version of the SA-2 that incorporates a three piece element system. The element system is bonded on to a one-piece system for increased swab-off resistance. The operational parameters are the same as an SA-2.


  • Hold the pressure from above and below, without relying on set-down weight, tubing tension or hydraulic anchor.

  • Provides tubing anchoring with tension applied.

  • Dovetail slips can prevent packer movement caused by differential pressure while allowing the landing of  the tubing in tension, neutral or compression.

  • Packing elements compression is locked by ratcheting action of locking piece, also permitting directional rotation.







SA-2 SA-3 Mechanical Setting Retrievable Packer

The SA-2/SA-3 packer combines advantages of retrievable packer and the features of permanent packer......

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