The DH-2 packer is a kind of single hole、hydraulic setting packer. Upper and lower slips ensure the tool can anchor stability. Three pieces multiple packing elements ensure sealing reliable and can withstand upper and lower annular pressure. One or more packers can be set at the same time and can be used continuously.

The DH-2 packer release operation is simplified. Just lift tubing, to reach a certain tension, shear the shear pins and then the string can be directly taken out of the well. After maintenance, the tool can be used again.


  • High performance and low-cost.

  • One or more packers can be used at the same time.

  • Small OD, easy to operation.

  • Packer device ensure mandrel without movement after setting.

  • Release tension, directly lift tubing to release packer, operation is simplified.

  • Large flow bypass ensure pressure balance when release, reduce swabbing effect and protect wellbore.


DH-2 Hydraulic Setting Retrievable Packer

The DH-2 packer is a kind of single hole、hydraulic setting packer. Upper and lower slips ensure the tool can anchor stability. Three pieces multiple packing elements ensure sealing reliable and can withstand upper and lower annular pressure......

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