The SHR Retrievable Casing Packer is a hydraulic set packer .The SHR Packer is hydraulically activated by applying tubing pressure witha plugging device below the packer. The packer only need a quarter of the circle right-hand rotation to release.

The Packer utilizes the double anchor Slips that are protected by the slip cage during running. The unique release mechanismis designed for the axialJ-Slots, and can prevent the parkers release in advance. When the multiple packers are set in the same string, they can be released one by one.

It is a compression set type packer applicable for production, injection and zonal isolation and so on.


  • No movement during setting and allows multiple packers to be set inthe same string.

  • The trigger pressure can be adjusted.

  • Bi-directional, andcase hardened slipsare suitable for all grades of casing,

  • Slips are protected by the slip cage during running.

  • One quarter right hand rotationto release, and can release the packers one by one.


SHR Hydraulic Setting Retrievable Packer

The SHR Retrievable Casing Packer is a hydraulic set packer .The SHR Packer is hydraulically activated by applying tubing pressure witha plugging device below the packer.....

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