The  Sunrise Electric Submersible Pump(ESP) packer is used in a completion that requires an electric submersible pump  below the packer to assist in pumping the formation fluids to surface. The ESP packer incorporates a bypass or pass-through section to provide  the means for an electric cable to be run through the packer to supply power so that the electric submersible pump below the packer.

This ESP packer is a single-mandrel, dual-bore hydraulic-set production packer. The packer has  three ½ in NPT chemical injection ports and one 1 in NPT port for a vent valve.


Do not apply torque to this assembly while making up or breaking out the tubing thread. Grip on the end sub or the mandrel directly to apply torque.


  • Apply pressure to set.

  • Straight upward pull on the tubing string to release and retrieve.

  • Bi-directional slips holds the pressure from either direction.

  • Lock setting force by an internal slip.



ESP Packer

The  Sunrise Electric Submersible Pump(ESP) packer is used in a completion that requires an electric submersible pump  below the packer to assist in pumping the formation fluids to surface.....

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